Termina Ashton

Termina listed as a global Self Help expert and Author also known as 'The Happy Magnet' has the uncanny ability to tilt the odds so the best will happen resides with her family in Queensland, Australia, and believes in navigating the changing world of experiences. As an Expansion Mentor and with a corporate background in personal development, design and business she holds a range of qualifications including Transformational Leadership, Public Speaking and Medicine. Also an exponent of Feng Shui, Termina uses her knowledge of Energy and Quantum physics to support individuals and organizations by  increasing their success in financial situations, relationships, health or inspiration. Termina loves to use her imagination and has gained the title ‘Master of Imagination’, she has used her skills to work on many residential and commercial projects, including an open design radio station, Fox Studios and a variety of set designs, where her own artwork was exhibited for TV and film.

Termina Feng Shui solutions for improvement by increasing the energy of the home or office so that there is improvement in the health, wealth, relationships and growth areas of our lives

​​Termina Feng Shui

Activate your Home or Office for Success 4 books... More

For Success and Money

For Health

For Relationships and Collaboration

For Growth and Wisdom

What do you want? Do you wish to change or improve your health, career, relationships, financial issues, business, wealth, or academic achievement? 

These books contain tips and activations for harnessing the positive energies that you and your property can receive through the use of FengShui principles.

Activate your Home or Office for Success Termina Feng Shui Books
Activate your Home or Office for Success Termina Feng Shui Books
Activate your Home or Office for Success Termina Feng Shui Books
Ready to activate you
Festival of the Imagination You are the Creator
activate success and money with feng shui
Medwins Room
Activate your Home or Office for Success Termina Feng Shui Books

Termina's personal expansion books and novels have readers entranced
Reviews have this in common- 
"An inspirational force that guides to positive growth." ​    

Termina's song, The Happy Magnet, has impacted music lovers across the globe. An uplifting and positive sound that transmits a bright, sunny vitality. Her ‘why’, because she believes we all can be Happy Magnets and here is a guide to help us on a way.

The Happy Magnet Channel

I'm a Happy Magnet and You Can Join Me Too!

Termina's song, The Happy Magnet, has impacted music lovers across the globe. An uplifting and positive sound

Mr T.B and Friends...More

A treat for the younger ones and parents. In Mr T.B and Friends Termina Ashton has a way of putting fun into the daily tasks of cleaning and grooming.

Mr Toothbrush and Friends

Medwins Room...More

A feel good fantasy introducing an exciting world of enchantment, brimming with Magic, mixing myth with larger than life imagination where pickwicks, snotlings and coblies roam free and doors hold conversations

Festival of the Imagination a solution to Activate you your giant within, Your unique energy signature. You are the creator

​​​Author and illustrator of Festival of the Imagination, Medwin's Room Trilogy, 

  Mr T.B series, Feng Shui Exponent, Designer, Public Speaker, Lyricist, Mentor, Master of the Imagination and The Happy Magnet. 

​​"Creating my world is what I do, like MAGIC anything is possible, we could all endeavor to follow

our passion, everyone has talents, push up your sleeves and take action.

There is joy in doing what we love and the results are always wonderful" 

​​​​​​We are the Inventors of our passion 


Termina’s love of writing, helping others and bringing joy to them, inspired her to begin penning books and articles and she now lists self-help, children’s stories and
Feng Shui among her titles. Her writing skills, particularly in the children’s literature genre, have seen her described as the Australian Enid Blyton and Termina believes that a reason for the popularity of her books is that:
"No matter how old; we all like to escape into the world of imagination. Einstein said, "IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge," and "IMAGINATION is Everything!" He was RIGHT! Anything is possible when we work with the blueprint of our imagination."

Termina believes imagination is the source of advantage, and everybody has the good fortune of this ability. She joyfully adapts to and thrives in our fluctuating environments, transforming the unexpected into stepping stones for achievements and consistently innovates to create value. Termina has worked with many great minds including Bob Proctor and Peggy McColl; and adds that seeking knowledge, self-improvement and possibilities through mentors and books is the greatest gift to ourselves. Termina credits self-actualization practices for her success and harmony in her life and her book, Festival of the Imagination, is one of her many non-fiction titles which explores this all-important subject.