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Termina Ashton

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​​​The Handbook of Relaxation

You have channels that put you in tune with your inner self, which helps guide you to relaxation. The channels are your direct actions or thoughts that lead you to one course or the other. You have a funnel inside you that pours out various stressful actions and thoughts throughout the your day. You can pull up your sources within to channel your funnel toward your goal of success.  

Gift Titles Include:
Aromatherapy Scents in Guided Relaxation
Guided Health to Relaxation
Using Awareness as your Guided Relaxation
Guided Relaxation and your Self Esteem
Guided Relaxation Controlling Stress
Laughter in guided relaxation
Relieving Stress Though Guided Relaxation.
Restful Sleeping with Guided Relaxation
Scented Candles to Guided Relaxation
Tension Removed with Guided Relaxation
Channels of Guided Relaxation
Stories of Guided Relaxation
Using Awareness as your Guided Relaxation

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